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Fellowship night for the women of New Heights

Community is the backbone of recovery at New Heights, and one of the most important pillars of recovery. Few can grow and thrive in recovery without establishing connections that tie us together in our shared experience.

Last week the women at New Heights set out on a house-funded 1920s gangster-themed murder mystery dinner to bond over food, fellowship and an interactive performance hosted by The Murder Mystery Co. at Old Spaghetti Factory in Minneapolis.

The trip came as a surprise announcement at last week’s house meeting to much excitement, anticipation and wardrobe planning to find the perfect garb to match the mobster tone. If the photos are any indication, the planning was successful, and apparently so was the murder investigation.

New Heights murder mystery adventure

Our weekly house meetings serve as frequent get-togethers, reunions for everyone across the three houses to reunite and connect over dinner, as well as tackling the not-so-fun, but equally necessary, aspects of reassigning chore responsibilities and other business as usual.

But every so often, it can be refreshing to break from routine, get out of the houses, and solve a mystery together.

No matter what we do to pass the time, together is the key word for continuous recovery.

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