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Long-term recovery continues here


Our approach to a manageable lifestyle is to reach for new heights by standing on the rock. The Rock is the power we have found to be greater than ourselves. It includes new tools and tools we acquire during our recovery necessary to build a new house of integrity, humility, accountability and spiritual revelations.


Now, as we become self-actualized, we have the opportunity to share with like minds our daily accomplishments here at home.


Our goal as we live in a sober environment is to achieve a state of satisfaction and embrace the belief that we have, inside of us, all that is needed to live a joyous and complete life.


We focus in helping our clients live with freedom in a structured program promoting accountability, responsibility, honesty and a vibrant, sober social life. In doing so, together we achieve freedom from our addictions and the newfound ability to live a rewarding, fulfilling life in recovery.

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